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Importance of networking

Ahhh travelling!! Don’t we all love travelling? Apart from the fact that you make new friends it also gives you opportunity to build your network. Now, why is networking so important for international students? Generation of referrals This is the most obvious benefit and the reason most business owners decide to participate in networking activities, events and

meet our ambassador - Michelle Guatemala

Face of Greystone College Vancouver – Michelle Guatemala

As introduced last week on our blog, we’ve chosen a few international Face of Greystone College Ambassadors who will be sharing their living and studying abroad experiences at Greystone College here on our blog as well as our social media platforms. Meet Michelle, our second Ambassador. Michelle has an infectious energy. She shares our values and reflects our

soft skills

The Importance of Soft Skills

Andrew Woods has an impressive background. As a corporate trainer, he has provided workshops and speeches for companies from Starbucks to Guinness, from IBM to Ford. He is in demand throughout the world. So how does he give consistently useful and relevant advice when his audiences are so varied? It’s simple: he focuses on soft skills.

Christmas at Greystone

So This Is Christmas…

Let’s face the reality: summer has definitely faded away, even if it seems like it was only yesterday. Well, it is that time of year, when colorful lights twinkle on the houses (since Halloween ended), stores and shops are getting crowded and Salvation Army’s Santa Claus-clad donation collectors are to be seen on streets… Yes,