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Canada’s Worker Shortage Opens Doors for International Students

Canada’s Worker Shortage Opens Doors for International Students

If you have ever wanted to work and study in Canada, there has never been a better time!  Canada’s worker shortage means there are help wanted signs everywhere!  Learn more about what’s happening, why Canada needs workers, and how the government is planning to get them filled.  We’ll also share how Greystone College can help

Teaching Customer Service in Toronto

Hello! My name is Anne and I am one of the first Customer Service Instructors at Greystone College Toronto. Let me tell you a bit about how I came to be part of this amazing program and what you can expect from classes at Greystone Toronto. I had been working at Greystone’s sister school, ILSC,

virtual networking on a laptop - photo by Chris Montgomery - unsplash

5 Virtual Networking Strategies to Help you Land your Dream Job

Networking is an essential part of the job search. In a global pandemic, people have had to adapt and innovate to avoid major career and life disruptions. Virtual networking has become one of the most popular strategies to land a dream job. It allows people to grow their personal and professional network connections, even when

Vancouver city skyline - tips for new students in Vancouver

Tips for New Students in Vancouver

Are you new to Vancouver? Are you a new international student?  If yes, this is for you—a list of tips for new students in Vancouver, to provide guidance on the things you want to know when you are new in school. First of all, being new is not as bad as it looks; it is

Woman preparing to find a job in Canada, writing notes on a table on her bed - photo credit @paicooficial

Finding a Co-op Job in Canada: Tips from our Co-op Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has added new challenges to the job search process everywhere. International students looking for a co-op job in Canada are adapting to a new reality to continue with their career goals in 2021. Co-operative education (co-op) is a structured method of combining classroom-based education with practical work experience in your study area.

International Business Management Students meet for Business Plan Training and mentorship to build their own business

Build your own Business with Business Plan Training in Montréal

Collège Greystone Montréal Attestation of College Studies, International Business Management program students now have a new option for their end-of-program practicum. Following their course work and final project, students can either complete a traditional practicum placement in a local business or opt instead get business plan training and learn about launching their very own international

Sergio in his practicum with ILSC-New Delhi Colleagues

An adventure across Canada, to India, and back: Part 3, a practicum in New Delhi.

In December, we had a chance to speak with Sergio Corrales, a Greystone College student who studied International Business Management at two different Greystone College Canada locations before embarking on an adventure to New Delhi, India. Sergio started his Greystone College studies in Vancouver, then went to Montréal to take the school’s first ever program,


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