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10 Cool Facts About Vancouver

Vancouver is certainly known for being one of the most livable cities in the world! But did you also know these cool facts about this vibrant metropolis? Show off your knowledge about the city, and learn what one of our students had to say about his experience here as well!   1. Vancouver wasn’t always

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Teaching and Transferable Skills Through TESOL

There are many different reasons why students join our teacher training programs, from the goal of becoming an English teacher, to developing and improving on their public speaking skills. Whatever the reason, every journey is exciting! Meet some of our students, and learn about their goals and experience in our TESOL programs.   Montserrat Romo,

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Ask a Task Man – Part 2, residency

It’s tax time again in Canada, and this means many of you will be doing taxes in Canada for the first time.  In my work at H&R Block I have assisted many new Canadians and temporary residents with their first Canadian tax returns.  For many new Canadian residents, you will receive some tax forms from

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How Local Businesses Benefit from Hiring Greystone Co-op Students

As a career college, Greystone is focused on giving students a useful and practical experience. One of the most exciting options at Greystone College is completing a co-op program, in other words, a study program that includes a work component.    Co-op gives students a chance to gain Canadian work experience related to their studies,


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