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Get Ready for a Great Learning Adventure at Collège Greystone Montréal

Collège Greystone Montréal is opening its doors on October 1st, 2018, with our new Attestation of College Studies in International Business Management.  If you’ll be joining us on our first day, or for one of our upcoming start dates, we have a few tips to get you ready!   Flying to Montréal If you’ll be

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How to find your Co-op position: Start Early, and Get Support!

In the first post in this 2-part series on the co-op experience, we talked to Liliana Ventura, a Greystone College student from Mexico, to learn about her experience finding a co-op position for her Diploma in International Business Management.   As a career college, Greystone is focused on providing educational programs that give students a

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social media online presence

Mastering Your Professional Online Presence

Have you ever thought of the impact your social media presence could have on your career? Or have you ever conducted a Google search of yourself? The internet has brought a wide range of benefits to job searching, especially when new online tools are used in the right way. We have come up with a

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How Local Businesses Benefit from Hiring Greystone Co-op Students

As a career college, Greystone is focused on giving students a useful and practical experience. One of the most exciting options at Greystone College is completing a co-op program, in other words, a study program that includes a work component.    Co-op gives students a chance to gain Canadian work experience related to their studies,