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How Local Businesses Benefit from Hiring Greystone Co-op Students

How Local Businesses Benefit from Hiring Greystone Co-op Students

As a career college, Greystone is focused on giving students a useful and practical experience. One of the most exciting options at Greystone College is completing a co-op program, in other words, a study program that includes a work component.    Co-op gives students a chance to gain Canadian work experience related to their studies,

Greystone College 2018: Year in Review

2018 has been an exciting year at Greystone College! Let’s take a deeper look at our 2018 highlights, and what’s coming up in 2019.   Greystone College Brand Refresh and Expansion Starting January 1st 2019, ILSC Business College Australia will join Greystone College under one shared brand. In July, 2018, we started working on this

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Hospitality Programs: Learn how to welcome the world!

This year, Greystone College updated and expanded its hospitality programs, offering three excellent program options in Vancouver, which are also set to launch in Toronto on January 28, 2019.   These include the Diploma in Hospitality Management, the Diploma in Hospitality Sales and Marketing, and the Diploma in Hospitality Operations. We wanted to introduce you

Studying at Collège Greystone Montréal: FAQs

Are you thinking of studying at Collège Greystone Montréal? Do you have any questions about our program, the school, or the city of Montréal?  Read our FAQs to get all the answers you need!   I don’t know French. Can I study in Montréal? Our Attestation of College Studies (ACS), International Business Management Program at

Greystone College Montréal: An Easy Application Guide for International Students

Our new campus will start offering its first program, the Attestation of College Studies (ACS) in International Business Management, starting October 1st, 2018.  If you’re ready to start this exciting new program and experience all the magic of living and studying in Montréal, we are here to make the application process easy.   The admissions

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“It’s the Inside That Counts” But Sometimes, the Outside Helps

Did you know that it only takes 7 seconds to make a good first impression? After a quick chat with a prospective employer, how would you like to be remembered?   From the first time you meet someone new, that person is already starting to paint a mental image of you. Although this impression may

The Practicum in Montréal: Real Experience Beyond the Classroom

The new Attestation of College Studies (ACS), International Business Management Program at Collège Greystone Montréal combines an excellent mix of theory and practical learning in the classroom; in addition, students can put their experience into practise in a four-week practicum placement that takes place at the end of the program. The practicum placement will help

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7 Takeaways About Our New Program in Montréal

  Have you always wondered what it would be like to work in international business, and connect with people from around the world?  You can develop new skills and follow your passion by taking the Attestation of College Studies (ACS) in International Business Management at Greystone College ! Our new program will help you build

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5 Reasons Why Montréal is a Top Choice for Students

Montréal was ranked the #1 best student city in the world in 2017 by QS Best Cities ranking, and in 2018 the city achieved the top rank again in QS’s student surveys. So, what’s all the buzz about? If you’re wondering “why should I study in Montréal”, here are some of the top features that