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travelling abroad with your dog - small white dog in doorway looking at luggage

Love them, don’t leave them: how to travel abroad with your dog

Love them, don’t leave them: how to travel abroad with your dog

Vancouver is known for being a city for dog lovers, it has been recognized as one of the most dog-friendly cities in Canada; here you will find pet-friendly hotels, dog- activities, open parks, and dog-friendly restaurants, among others. Pets are already part of the family, so much so that nowadays many people don’t travel if

virtual networking on a laptop - photo by Chris Montgomery - unsplash

5 Virtual Networking Strategies to Help you Land your Dream Job

Networking is an essential part of the job search. In a global pandemic, people have had to adapt and innovate to avoid major career and life disruptions. Virtual networking has become one of the most popular strategies to land a dream job. It allows people to grow their personal and professional network connections, even when

Vancouver city skyline - tips for new students in Vancouver

Tips for New Students in Vancouver

Are you new to Vancouver? Are you a new international student?  If yes, this is for you—a list of tips for new students in Vancouver, to provide guidance on the things you want to know when you are new in school. First of all, being new is not as bad as it looks; it is

Sergio in his practicum with ILSC-New Delhi Colleagues

An adventure across Canada, to India, and back: Part 3, a practicum in New Delhi.

In December, we had a chance to speak with Sergio Corrales, a Greystone College student who studied International Business Management at two different Greystone College Canada locations before embarking on an adventure to New Delhi, India. Sergio started his Greystone College studies in Vancouver, then went to Montréal to take the school’s first ever program,

Sergio Corrales - Greystone Vancouver Student

An adventure across Canada, to India, & back: Part 1, Vancouver.

We recently had the opportunity to talk with one of our Greystone College students who has lived a truly unique learning experience.  Sergio Corrales, from Colombia, started at Greystone College Vancouver, completing a Diploma in International Business Management Co-op. He then went to College Greystone Montreal, becoming the 3rd student in the newly launched Attestation

Patrick, an International Business Management Co-op student in Vancouver

International Business Management Co-op in Vancouver: Patrick’s Story

A few weeks ago, we got a chance to speak with one of our Greystone College Vancouver students.  Patrick came to Greystone College from Germany to take the Diploma in International Business Management Co-op.  Patrick already had a wealth of experience in certain areas of Business through his years in a Human Resources role with

Life at Greystone College Brisbane

Mongolia, to ILSC, to Greystone College, Brisbane: a learning journey.

Recently we got a chance to interview Enkhbat Batbileg, otherwise known as Eddie, one of our Brisbane students who started his journey at ILSC, improving his English, and then decided to continue his learning path at Greystone College, Brisbane.  A few months ago, he started a Certificate IV in International Trade (CRICOS Course code BSB4115),

International Business in Montreal: Our first ever student shares her story – Part 2, the city, & student support.

Recently we interviewed the first ever student in our new Attestation of College Studies (ACS) in International Business Management program at Collège Greystone Montreal which started in January of this year.  Simran, who is originally from India, arrived in Montreal and began the program with an existing background in business studies.  At College Greystone Montreal,


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