10 Top Reasons to Study at Greystone Australia

Greystone College Australia Business Class

In January, Greystone College combined its Australian, Canadian, and Indian locations all under the same trusted name. No matter which location you choose, we know that studying a vocational program at Greystone College will be an amazing life experience! But if you’ve got Australia on your mind, we wanted to share 10 top reasons to study at Greystone College Australia.  Get to know more about our programs, and our amazing Australian study cities!


Sydney is one of our 3 amazing Greystone College Australia locations, along with Brisbane and Melbourne

Sydney is one of our 3 amazing Greystone College Australia locations, along with Brisbane, and Melbourne.

#1 Three Amazing City Locations

Greystone Australia’s 3 study cities all rank high among top study cities globally, and for good reason. Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne each have their own unique flavour and feeling, but they have a few very important things in common – diverse students, a welcoming feel, world class culture and events, great shopping, good public transportation, and great weather, to name a few. Choosing a location depends on what you’re looking for – the big-city buzz and plentiful beaches of Sydney, the laid-back, relaxed, and friendly feel of Brisbane, or the diversity and culture-rich energy of Melbourne. If you want a little more help to decide, you can read more in ILSC’s blog post comparing these three amazing cities!


Greystone College Australia Business Class

Greystone College Australia has a wide range of Business Programs to choose from.

#2 A full range of Business Programs

Greystone Australia offers a wide range of business programs at various levels to help you build extensive knowledge and in-demand skills that will support your career success. You can focus on the basics through our Certificate II, Certificate III or Certificate IV in Business, or get more specialized skills with programs like our Certificate II in Customer Engagement, Certificate IV in International Trade, Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication, Diploma of International Business, Diploma of Leadership & Management, Diploma of Marketing & Communication, or Diploma of Project Management. Our variety of programs are great for students just starting their vocational education path, or those with existing qualifications or careers who want to add a new area of expertise to their skillset; and with English level requirements as low as 4.5 IELTS, it’s quick and easy to start your vocational study journey at Greystone Australia!


#3 Learn More by Combining Programs

Greystone Australia’s programs are designed to work together to create great study combinations. Students can create a unique learning path combining programs at progressive levels (in other words, Certificate II, III, IV, and a Diploma). Students who combine programs get a strong foundation, and then continue building new skills to emerge with a well-rounded business skillset. Combined programs can last up to 144 weeks of study, plus up to 52 weeks of scheduled breaks – that’s about 3.5 years of study!


Greystone Australia Students can work 40 hours during every two weeks while they study!

Greystone Australia Students can work off campus 40 hours during every two weeks while they study!

#4 Work and Study

Australia is a fantastic work and study destination for international students! One of the great highlights of studying in Australia is that students can work 40 hours every two weeks while they study, and full-time during scheduled breaks. There are plenty of part-time jobs available in Australia, and working while you study is a great way to supplement your living expenses, gain international work experience, and improve your English skills on the job! And most Greystone College Australia programs are offered in both weekday and weekend options, giving you flexibility to choose a timetable that fits with your work schedule.


#5 Optional Internships

If students want to test their skills on the job, they can add an 8-12-week internship to their study program. Internship students are placed in an organization that has been vetted by Greystone College, in a position that matches their study subject. In an internship, students are not paid for the hours they work; but the experience they gain, and the support they receive from their internship supervisor is priceless! Internship students strengthen their resume, and their skills! Each student will have their own internship coordinator who will visit them on the job to assess their progress on a regular basis.  Internships are available for an additional fee.


#6 Great Student Support

Greystone Australia offers so many great support services to help students with study, work, and life in Australia. Students can get advising to support them with whatever challenges they may face.  Every Greystone Australia campus offers helpful career services, including an ongoing Job Club where students can learn resume writing and interview skills, learn about Australian business culture, and get basic info about taxes and banking. Guest speakers and industry trips will help students learn more about Australia’s business world from real companies and workers! And students can also access Greystone College’s Bootcamp – the Bootcamp is a free service designed to give students a boost if they are struggling to keep up with their studies – helping students complete assignments and stay on track. Learn more about studying at Greystone College Australia.


Australia is full of idyllic beaches.

It’s true, Australia is full of idyllic beaches!

#7 Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

Beaches are at the top of most people’s minds when they think of Australia – surfers catching waves on clear turquoise waters, just beyond powdery white sand. While not every Australian surfs, beaches and picturesque seaside views are definitely part of the Australian experience.  Sydney is bursting with beaches, with more than 70 stunning locations to pull up a towel and relax.  Brisbane is about an hour’s drive away from the famous Gold Coast and about 6.5 hours from the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island. And although  Melbourne weather can be a little cooler, its beaches don’t disappoint! Check out Brighton Beach or St. Kilda, or set off outside the city for a trip along the Great Ocean Road to discover all the picture-perfect Australian ocean views you ever imagined!


Amazing landscapes and unique wildlife abound in Australia

Amazing landscapes and unique wildlife like this Koala Bear abound in Australia.

#8 Incredible landscapes

It’s not just the beaches, Australia is world renowned for its unique and magnificent landscapes, fauna, and flora. This huge country offers all kinds of outdoor discovery, from the Great Barrier Reef, to Ayers Rock, deserts to lush mountains and waterfalls, magical caves, river rafting, and so much more. And this isolated island is home to a strange mix of unique animals like Kangaroos, Koala bears, Platypus, Kookaburras, Wombats, and many more. Not sure what some of those are? Maybe it’s time to visit Australia and find out for yourself! Over 80% of the animals in Australia are endemic to the country – that is, they exist only in Australia. It’s truly like discovering another world!


Australia has a huge coffee culture that you're sure to enjoy!

Australia has a huge coffee culture that you’re sure to enjoy!

#9 Coffee Culture

In Australia, coffee culture is a BIG thing, so get ready to take your coffee loving to a new level (or start drinking the stuff, if you don’t already). In Australia, the small, independent café is king – in fact, Starbucks has only 20 locations across the entire country, while local independent coffee shops make up about 95% of the coffee market –  incredible! And the coffee options will make your head spin, with lots of unique options beyond the norm, like Australia’s famous “flat white,” Ristretto, Vienna, Vienna mocha, long and short macchiato, and much more. Australia even grows its own beans, so Australian coffee is really a local flavour, in every way! And if you’re planning to improve your English at ILSC Australia before starting your Greystone College program, you can be part of the coffee-making magic by taking our English through Café Work Skills class, where you’ll learn English and Barista skills!



#10 Great festivals, culture, nightlife, sports, music and more

There is so much culture, art, sporting events, and great music to enjoy in every one of our Australian cities; you’ll never be bored in your time outside of class and work! From events like the Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea festival, Melbourne Music Week, and the Panda Music Festival in Brisbane, and so much more, you’re sure to find something to discover and enjoy. Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne also boast some of the best rooftop and outdoor beer gardens in the world – and with the fantastic weather, year-round, what better way to relax than building life-long friendships over a pint on a sunny afternoon, or a warm starry evening?


There are just a few of our top reasons to study at Greystone College Australia: the great selection of programs, awesome student support, work and study opportunities, the amazing culture, nature, and city life in this great country! Come join us for a fantastic international study experience!


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