First week on Co-op placement at Steve Nash Fitness World

One of the best decisions I have made since starting my study abroad experience in Canada was to join the fitness industry. When my co-op coordinator asked me what industry I wanted to go into, I said I wanted to be in a creative and interactive workplace and that’s the very reason why I decided to go with Steve Nash Fitness World. I have always been interested in healthy lifestyle and sports so this was a natural choice for me. Through my short period of time working for Steve Nash Fitness World, I have learned so much about different things that have helped me to grow above my expectations. Every day at work is different. As part of daily working, from a variety of everyday experiences, I have gained confidence as well as  problem solving skills. At Steve Nash, leadership and teamwork are extremely important; in order to function as a team we all have had to learn how to communicate properly to achieve the results we are expecting in the most efficient way.

One of my challenges at work is that I am the only person whose first language is not English. This is intimidating yet exciting at the same time because it motivates me to try harder and perform beyond the expectations my supervisor has of me. Having daily conversations with people from different backgrounds has opened up my mind about several things. I have also become more aware that learning about and being understanding of other people´s cultures are necessary for one to be successful in any international workplace. All in all, the great vibes at Steve Nash and the inclusive team enable me to keep  focused on the goals I want to achieve in this co-op placement.

Every month we have a “Members Breakfast Appreciation Event”, and members really love it. I find this to be a very effective way to connect with our members and show them that we appreciate their business. During our breakfast we would also give out free samples of protein shakes and share tips from our personal trainers on how to lead a healthier life style. I have experienced so far a couple of these breakfasts and the number of participants just keep growing!

Another task that I love working on is generating leads within the international student community. Having the chance to reach out to the students/prospective customers directly has helped me better understand their needs. As a result, I am better able to formulate a strategy for engaging with them, gain their interest and trust, and develop a relationship that leads to closed sales. Our international student community is quite big at Steve Nash, from the feedback I have had from a couple of members, they can really feel related to me when we talk, as I clearly understand what they want.

As an international student, I can relate to this business because when I moved to Canada one of the first things I checked out was the local gyms. The first thing that came to my mind was “oh my God, this is going to be expensive” but it turned out to be the opposite as being a student means I am entitled to great discounts and many other benefits. I am learning new things about marketing and sales everything. Time just flies by when working in such a fun environment where my co-workers have helped me to adapt. I could not be more grateful for working in such an interesting industry.


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