Five Reasons Co-op Programs Rock

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Canadian Work Experience

One of the reasons students love our co-op programs is that they get you Canadian work experience. Canadian work experience is attractive to future employers because it proves you can actually do the job, you can communicate in English and you are comfortable working with people from all over the world. Unfortunately, Canadian work experience can be difficult to get on your own. With the co-op programs, not only will your class time prepare you for the Canadian workplace, but your instructors and student advisors will walk you through the process of applying for jobs; they will make sure you have the correct documents and permits. Depending on the option you choose, they can even set you up with interviews. Greystone has relationships with many top companies in a variety of fields.

Industry Professionals and Experienced Teachers

Before you jump into work experience, the academic portion of a co-op program will ensure you have the skills you need.  All the instructors in the Greystone co-op programs have industry experience in the fields they teach; they know what you need to be successful and they have a lot of information to share about what you can expect. The instructors are not just experienced in the industry, they’re experienced teachers. They know how to explain things clearly, how to motivate you and how to get the most from each of their students. Our team is made of people who really want to see you succeed.

co-op work

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Education that Goes Beyond the Book

The co-op programs are all about getting you ready for the real world. This means that the focus is not on memorizing terms and passing tests but rather on building soft skills and transferable skills. Most courses include a lot of project work and presentations. You are assessed on your ability to communicate effectively, work well as part of a team, problem solve and think on your feet. In other words, you are assessed on the skills your future employers will be looking for. Many of the courses also include opportunities for field trips where you will learn more about the specifics of your industry in Vancouver. Depending on your program, this might mean a trip to the law courts to see justice in action or a visit to a local cafe to see how their customer service measures up.


Co-op programs are designed to give you the confidence to succeed. The academic portion introduces you to the skills you need in a warm and supportive environment. Your experienced instructors will take the time to give you individualized feedback. They will help you improve and will also point out what you’re already doing well. When you do a co-op program, your classmates are all in the same boat as you so you have a built-in support network. The co-op programs are a great opportunity to improve your English all while studying industry-related content.

International Flair

One of the reasons prospective employers appreciate Canadian work experience is that it demonstrates you can work and communicate successfully with people from all over the world. The ability to be a good cross-cultural communicator is huge in almost every field as industries become more and more globalized. In the Greystone co-op programs, you’ll be practicing your cross-culture communication skills from day one. Students in our programs truly come from all over the world and from all walks of life.  You’ll likely learn as much from your classmates as you do from your instructors.

Want more proof that the co-op programs rock? Check out the video below.


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