International Business in Montreal: Our first ever student shares her story – Part 2, the city, & student support.

Recently we interviewed the first ever student in our new Attestation of College Studies (ACS) in International Business Management program at Collège Greystone Montreal which started in January of this year.  Simran, who is originally from India, arrived in Montreal and began the program with an existing background in business studies.  At College Greystone Montreal, she gained new insights about international business, and about herself.  In part 2 of our interview, Simran shares more about her experience, including the support she received from Greystone College, and her student life in Montreal!


What made you decide to study International Business Management in Montreal and not another city?

There are so many people who choose Toronto or some who choose Vancouver because they’re the most popular cities. But I wanted to choose something different, so I researched about the city, and thought Montreal is a very calm, relaxed sort of environment, and that was my reason to choose Montreal.


What about student life in Montreal? How do you feel about being a student in the city?

I think the environment of Montreal is ideal to study in because it’s very relaxed, it’s not just a big, very busy and crowded city. And there are a lot of really nice places where you can sit and study, Mont Royal, or Old Port, so it’s a very good environment for study.


What are some of your favourite places or activities in Montreal?

Of course, nobody can ignore Mont Royal, it’s really beautiful, and climbing up to the top of the hill and seeing the city view from there is so, so mesmerizing.  And there are a lot of things happening all the time, like the jazz festival and different events and festivals.  It’s a very happening city. You can really go out and enjoy your life in Montreal,  for sure.


How was the support from the school?

It was a short experience but it was a really, really good experience, because the place I come from, and the kind of university that I studied in, they’re very different, and for me it was a whole different kind of experience.  I would like to mention specifically Jean Philippe who is the program manager; I used to go to him for every little tiny thing, and he was always there to solve everything, and always giving me some really valuable information about so many things, and then my teacher Myrzah, and Chris — everyone is so nice, so good.

And I never felt left out.  Montreal was a very new place for me, I didn’t have any friends here when I arrived, I was all alone, so I think if I didn’t have that kind of support that was given to me, I don’t think I would have been able to survive. The whole credit goes to them – they made me so comfortable and so like home that I didn’t feel I’m in a very different place, so I think that’s really incredible.

Students in the ACS in International Business Management Class say goodbye to Simran in a class BBQ

Students in the ACS in International Business Management Class say goodbye to Simran in a class BBQ

Do you have recommendations for students thinking about taking the International Business Management Program at College Greystone Montreal?

I would recommend this program to everyone. It’s also a very good cultural mix, we had Mexican students in our class, we had Brazilian students, Colombian and a student from Turkey, India, and Iran, so it’s a really, really good mix of different cultures; if you want to work in the international business field, it’s really good to have that exposure – it just gives you different perspectives and you come to know about people more closely.

Everybody is really friendly, you don’t feel you’re in a bureaucratic place, they’re very supportive.  Even when I left, when it was my last day, my teacher Myrzah arranged a BBQ for me. It’s very homely; it’s very friendly – it just feels like a family.

So, anybody who wants to comes here, I can say, you’ll get really, really good exposure to different cultures, and you’ll feel like home.



It was great to get hear the perspectives of one of our students embarking on a new adventure in the ACS of International Business Management, along with Collège Greystone Montreal, and we wish Simran all the best as her journey continues! You can read more about Simran’s experience in Part 1 of our blog series.

Half a year later, we’re excited to share that our program keeps growing. We’d love to welcome you to come be a part of it!


If you want to experience student life in Montreal, or if you have questions about applying for the ACS in International Business Management program at Collège Greystone Montreal, be sure to get in touch!

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