Letter Back to Myself

letter back to myself

Wondering what is your experience at Greystone College going to be like? Or maybe thinking of coming to study at Greystone? Either way, enjoy the letter that a student today, wrote to his past self!


Hey Bruno,


How is it going, mate? It’s you from, the future! First of all, you’re not going crazy, I’m just sending you a letter to give you some advice for the upcoming months at Greystone College.

Honestly, I’ll start by saying that, during the first 2 weeks you’ll be extremely lost. It’s just a lot of information that you’re receiving but, don’t worry about that, you’ll figure it out like you always do. Your teacher, Greg, is exactly like the first impression you had of him – an amazing guy and super friendly! He plays in a band, so you should talk to him about that, don’t wait for the last course!

Now, related to your co-op: Just relax about it for now. What you should do, is start by getting some Canadian experience. It doesn’t really matter in what, just go for a part-time to get some experience and some extra cash. In the future, that experience is going to make a huge difference for other positions.

The program itself (International Business Management) is very well structured, so you won’t have to meet crazy deadlines while studying for a test, and trying not to forget to eat. You’ll have plenty of time to do everything, and even time to go to a pub on the weekends, or maybe study some more (but we both know which one you’re choosing).

Finally, the best part: your life here in Canada! You’ll meet plenty of people in your class, and outside of it. You’ll learn a lot, and what you should focus is on building a network for yourself because here opportunities appear from the most unexpected places. So try to do that in the best way you can and remember to have fun!


See you later!

Bruno 😀



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