Six Reasons to Study Hotel Management in Vancouver

It’s a great career

Would you like to have a job with great pay, lots of room for advancement and with positions available all over the world? Would you like to be part of people’s happiest moments, surrounded by a great team of friendly staff who love what they do? A career in hotel management offers you all of this.

It’s a career with many opportunities

In 2011, the Canadian tourism and hospitality and generated approximately 78.8 billion in economic activity. It’s a huge part of the Canadian economy. It is also a key part of the economy of most countries. In 2012, international tourism revenue was about 1.08 trillion dollars. Clearly, this is a huge industry with many job opportunities and it is only growing.

Get certification that counts

While there are many entry-level positions in the tourism and hospitality industry, the better positions generally require some type of formal education. There are many colleges that offer programs in hotel management but not all diplomas and certificates are equal. As you may find yourself working all over the world, you want an accreditation that is globally recognized. Canadian education is well-regarded throughout the world. You’ll also want to look for a college that offers diplomas and certificates through the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), as AHLEI is also internationally recognized.

Hotel Management Vancouver

Improve and prove your English ability

English has really become the language of international communication. When you work in the hospitality and tourism industry, you’ll need to communicate with people from all over the world. You can’t be expected to be fluent in every language so most organizations will expect you to be at least proficient in English. Studying in Canada offers you the opportunity to improve your English. When you study in Canada, your theory and practice will all be in English. You’ll have to do role plays, presentations, and group projects. Furthermore, a diploma or certificate from a Canadian college is immediate evidence that you can communicate and operate in English. When a potential employer sees a Canadian college and Canadian work experience on a resume it can be enough to set you apart from the competition.

Familiarize yourself with all kinds of tourism

Vancouver is an excellent place to study hotel management because it attracts all kinds of tourists. Vancouver is in the unique position of being both a cosmopolitan city with tons of arts and culture to offer as well as being a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll get practice recommending spas, taste tests and museum tours as well as the best places to go white water rafting, heli-skiing and whale watching. There aren’t many other cities that can offer all these opportunities within driving distance of each other. Of course, it’s not just about recommending these attractions to customers. When you study in hotel management in Vancouver you’ll also get to experience all this awesomeness for yourself.

Gain a unique cultural experience

Another reason to study hotel management in Vancouver is that you’ll get lots of experience with cross-cultural communication, a skill everyone in the industry needs. Vancouver colleges are generally extremely international. You’ll have classmates from all over and a curriculum that caters to these diverse needs. The city itself is also very multicultural and tourists come here from all over the world.


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