Study in Canada: Evelyn’s Experience

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Business Student Profile is a sequence of blog posts that introduces various Greystone College students from all over the world who came to study in Canada. It gives you an insight on their educational background, business experience and their overall impression of studying business in the great white North.

Evelyn Gonzalez came to Greystone College for a business career refresher after working for more than ten years with Telcel MR a leading cellular services provider in Mexico.  As a Customer Service Supervisor, she was part of a leadership team that managed over 80 employees. This fast pace environment required multitasking and it prepared her well for her learning experience at Greystone College.

Evelyn chose Greystone because the Business program is accredited by The Canadian Institute of Management assuring her of the quality of the program. She saw specific courses like Marketing, Organizational Behaviour and International Business as valuable additions to her experience that will open new opportunities for her.

We caught Evelyn at the end of her program.

Would you recommend that your friends follow your example?

Of course, definitely! Education is always the best investment. New knowledge develops your career and your life. It gets you better career opportunities. When you do in another country and another language, it can be quite challenging. But the experience transforms you. You understand first hand cultural diversity. You understand countries differences better, which is extremely important in this global economy.

Was the international mix of student of value?

Absolutely! Having international classmates with solid educational and work experiences is highly valuable. You learn about other cultures first hand. You learn about lifestyles, foods, manners, everything is new and interesting. It opens your vision to include other cultures and business practices.

In class, sharing different points of view, traditions, ways to work or trade is valuable because it comes from a native, from someone who has real life experience f these countries. A mix of international students is the best way to learn world cultures. Sometimes you learn more than Business and English. After making friends from other countries It is fun to say Hello! and Bye! in five languages.

What was the most unusual thing for you at Greystone?

With the small classes, you get a great connection with the Instructors. I felt the affection of my teachers. I felt I was more than just a simple student. All of them are an important part of my Canadian adventure. They share more than their knowledge. They share their experience; they offer advice and suggestions about enjoying the city. The ways Greystone teachers and the support team give to their students is uncountable. I will remember forever my International Business Management teachers: Ritva, Noelene, Greg and Pierre; and the helpful staff and Director Grace Pyo.

Overall how would you describe this experience?

I found what I was looking for. Coming to Canada and going back to school with people from different countries is one of the best experiences of my life. I will never regret that I left my position with Telcel because this experience has been more than I expected. The people I met, the places I visited, the new friends I made, the business, cultural and language knowledge I acquired created an amazing experience. This has been a gift to myself, the chance to experience life overseas and to reach my goal of getting a Diploma in Canada. All the techniques and theories I learned will be very helpful.


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