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t Speaker, Genevieve Blondin, Study in Vancouver

Greystone College hosted Genevieve Blondin at another networking event that was organized for the business and tourism&hospitality for those who study in Vancouver. Genevieve comes from the banking industry where she spent 8 years until she realized she needed a new challenge that would fulfill her career ambitions while combining her passion for the environment. Originally from Montreal with an MBA degree, she decided to move to Vancouver, B.C. and started approaching organizations that are environmentally sustainable.

With 4 years of management experience, recognized for strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills she started her hunt for a perfect job.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Moving to a new city with no business connections was definitely a challenge, Genevieve stated. She had unquestionably a goal and knew what she wanted. She joined various networking groups that did sustainability events.  She had to convince everyone she was capable of doing something else. At a personal level, she started volunteering for not- for-profit organizations. The best advice she gave our students was: ‘Do something you have never done in your life. It will bring you to another level of your self-development. Also you can meet people who can possibly introduce you to your potential employer.’ Genevieve said to students at Greystone College Vancouver.


Guest Speaker, Genevieve Blondin, Study in Vancouver

Genevieve speaks to students at Greystone College Vancouver.

Follow up

If you apply for a job, follow up with the companies. That is how Genevieve was hired by Growing City as Manager of Business Development. When she asked why no one responded to her application after the 1st attempt; but only after she sent them a follow up email, she was told: ‘How would you be able to sell someone our products if you are not able to sell (follow up on) yourself?’ The same rule is valid for business. Your potential customers or clients might not be ready now but they eventually will be ready. Think about this rule when you are trying to set and reach your career goals.


Growing City was the 1st company in Vancouver to start with corporate composting. The business came to be through the frustration experienced by Lisa, the owner,  who wasn’t able to find a company that does primarily corporate composting. That was in 2010. Growing City has since expanded contracts not only to offices, but to malls such as Harbour Centre. As of 2015, food leftovers will be banned from landfills so it looks like Growing City filled in a gap in current demand of Vancouver. Giving back to communities is a huge part of Growing City’s way of doing business. They also donate soil to other communities such as schools and community gardens.

Next step?

Genevieve wants to grow the sales team as the business is changing constantly. Branching out into waste or expanding to hotels and restaurants seem to be the next step for Growing City.


Growing City had its start on Savary Island in British Columbia. It was designed with offices and large residential buildings in mind. They provide quality metrics, professional aesthetics and exceptional service for all organics, mixed containers and paper and cardboard recycling.


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