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Learn from industry experts - Greystone College Toronto Alumni

Here at Greystone we’ve created career education programs designed to open up global opportunities for your career and your life!  Students get a solid academic foundation in our programs through our curriculum; but in addition they get to learn from industry experts. Industry experts are right inside the classroom – all of our instructors have real-life work experience in their fields.  But in addition, Greystone College organizes many industry expert talks to help students see real life examples of what their career future could look like, and what it takes to achieve their dreams.

Industry expert talks happen across our campuses periodically and cover a wide range of industries.  We wanted to share some highlights of our expert talks, and how they enhance your learning.

Exploring different paths to success

Sometimes when you start a new learning path, it can be hard to imagine exactly where you want to go and how you’ll get there.  And everyone’s path is different.  Our industry expert talks help you discover some of the paths that real people have taken to get to their current career. They can help you imagine the steps you might take to achieve your own career goals.


Learn from Industry Experts at Greystone College Vancouver

Andrea Hinck, Manager of Industry Training at go2HR gives a talk to Greystone College Vancouver students about opportunities in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.


Understanding day to day realities of a role

We often have a general idea about what a particular career is like, but if you’re thinking about pursing a specific role, it’s good to understand what your typical day might look like.  Industry experts can give you a better idea of what a role entails and what challenges might occur in their work.  This can help you decide if the role is right for you; or it can get you prepared for a future job if you know that it’s exactly what you want to do.


Learn from industry experts at Greystone College Sydney

A fantastic guest speaker event at Greystone College Sydney, featuring Nick Papastamatis and Tony Haouchab, business owners of a string of chiropractic clinics connected to “Crossfit” gyms across Sydney. The pair shared their success story, and touched on a range of topics including the recruitment process, marketing, how to be a leader, and more.


Getting to ask questions

When you learn from industry experts, you get to ask questions to the people who have the most current expertise in their role. Attending a talk means getting to practise your communication skills. You can ask good questions about the industry, the types of work available, career growth opportunities, and the speaker’s particular expertise. Students should definitely take advantage of this great opportunity to ask questions and learn exactly what they want to learn!

Greystone Melbourne students got industry expert job search advice from guest speaker Sabrina Ahmed-Benchaib, a professional recruitment consultant from Hudson Recruitment.

Greystone Melbourne students got industry expert job search advice from guest speaker Sabrina Ahmed-Benchaib, a professional recruitment consultant from Hudson Recruitment.


Hearing from successful Alumni

Some of Greystone College’s industry expert talks are given by Greystone College graduates who have leveraged their learning, networks, and references to build a successful career.  It’s always exciting for current students to see real life success stories from the school; and career paths that could be very similar to their own. Greystone Alumni experts know what you’re feeling, and can offer great mentorship and support!

Learn from industry experts - Greystone College Toronto Alumni

At an alumni speaker series at Greystone College Toronto, students heard success stories from Rodolfo Marques, an International Business Management program graduate who is now working as a Product Marketing Associate at Spinrite, Canada’s largest yarn manufacturer; and Berker Gezer, a Customer Service graduate who is the Founder and Managing Director of McCoy Education Consulting.


Networking opportunity

Industry experts can be the perfect people to connect you with a future job.  Attending industry expert talks also provides an opportunity to talk with other students, as well as Greystone staff.  Make sure to read up on our networking tips before you go, and then get ready to connect with speakers and other attendees.


Learn from Industry Experts in Brisbane

Matteo Zini, owner of La Macelleria Gelateria was originally an international student himself. He built up 4 successful stores across South Eastern Brisbane, and shared his experience with Greystone College Brisbane students.


Getting a better idea of where you want to go with your future

Industry expert talks provide lots of inspiration and first-hand industry knowledge.  Learning from the experiences of experts can help give you a clear vision of what you do and don’t want to do in the future.  They can give you new ideas and help you shape or even expand your dreams. Industry experts can also remind you that your path doesn’t have to be straight; everyone makes mistakes, but successful people use them as learning opportunities to grow, develop, and reach higher.


What are you waiting for?  If you’re interested in being part of Greystone College, learning in our programs, and having the chance to learn from experts, then get in touch.  You can also follow us on LinkedIn to see some of the experts who have spoken at Greystone College before.


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