Unlock your personality type to unlock a fulfilling career

Choosing the right career or education path can be daunting. Your dad thinks you should go into business. Your mom thinks you would make a great teacher. You’re interested in a job in hospitality and tourism but you’re not sure if you’ll like it or if you’ll be a good fit. It’s a big decision and you’re concerned about making the right choice. After all, this could affect the rest of your life. You need more information. The obvious solution is to find out more about each career. While this is certainly important, it may be even more advantageous to find out more about yourself. How do you that? Wallace Murphy believes that knowing your personality type can help you make the best decision.

Wallace Murray

Wallace is a a coach, facilitator, advocate and strategist who has helped many businesses excel.

Wallace is a coach, facilitator, advocate, and strategist who has helped many businesses excel, and Greystone College recently had the pleasure of welcoming him as a speaker. He facilitated a workshop entitled “Dealing with personalities by Choice rather than Chance.” During the workshop, he discussed the four personality types he has identified based on research and his own experience. These personality types help people pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, what kind of work they enjoy and what kind of work they excel at. It can even help them identify how they like to be recognized.

The four personality orientation types are Results, Task, Social, Personal. Take the quiz below to find out which personality type you most identify with.

1) Choose the description that best matches your appearance:

a) I tend to be a little flashy and somewhat formal. I wear upscale clothes.

b) I like to wear bright colours and am generally well-dressed.

c) I often wear grey or blue. I am always neatly dressed and rather formal.

d) I like to wear earthy colours and am generally conservatively dressed.

2) Choose the set of words that best matches your personality:

a) Take charge, determined, confident, firm

b) Enthusiastic, motivator, adventurous, energetic

c) Accurate, persistent, controlled, predictable

d) Calm, humble, warm, loyal

3) If someone had to describe your best qualities, they would probably say that you are:

a) Bold, productive, independent and self-reliant

b) Inspirational, friendly, optimistic and fun-loving

c) Conscientious, analytical, inquisitive and practical

d) Sympathetic, thoughtful, warm and a good listener

4) Choose the motto that suits you best:

a) Let’s do it now!

b) Trust me, it’ll work.

c) How was it done in the past?

d) Let’s keep things the way they are.


Wallace discussed the four personality types he has identified based on research and his own experience.
Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk; Flickr


If you chose mostly As, you are a Results personality. You would do well in a job where you get to have control. This might include being a lawyer or an entrepreneur or some type of higher management. You are motivated by results.

If you chose mostly Bs, you are a Social personality. You would do well in a job where you get to interact with people. You would not enjoy a job that requires you to do a lot of computer work, especially solo computer work.

If you chose mostly Cs, you are an Task personality. You probably don’t like big events and parties and would  prefer to work alone in an office. Careers such as accounting and computer programming would be a good fit.

If you chose mostly Ds, you are a Personal personality. You would make an excellent nurse, psychologist or childcare worker. You should avoid jobs that involve too much noise, too many people or a lot of conflict as these elements make you unhappy.

Not only can the personality types help you find the right career, they can also help you be a better communicator and even a better boss. If you can identify the personality types of others, you can identify the way they prefer to communicate, what motivates them and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Thanks, Wallace for sharing your knowledge.


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Photo credit: Thomas Hawk


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