Building a Better English Teaching Career with Greystone’s TKT-YL

Here is how Manuela chose Greystone’s TKT-YL program and what she gained from it.

Manuela was already working as an English Teacher in Brazil, but she decided that she wanted to boost her career. Her choice? Greystone College TKT-YL program.

“Finding this specific course was a little hard for me. I searched for almost five months until I found out about Greystone College. I was looking for a place that offered good structure, good teachers and had positive references from other people. Greystone fulfilled all those needs. I also was looking for a course in Canada because I’ve worked for a Canadian school for about nine years and always wanted to visit the country.

My favorite part of the program was certainly the moment where we got to do a practicum in a Canadian school for a week. There I could see all the things we studied in class and put them into practice. Also, because I work at Maple Bear School in my city, I was always curious about the Canadian education system.
Manuela Testi_1Manuela Testi_2
Not to mention the difference it makes on my resume.

I surely would recommend it, for all of those things I mentioned before, and a plus is that you get to know different cultures.

I had many different life experiences while I was there. I had to learn how to follow Canadian Laws, because laws are very different in Brazil. And also I had the chance to meet people from all over the world; exchanging information from my country to theirs was always fun. Visiting the touristic city attractions was always easy and interesting and fun. I loved the science world, and of course I got stuck on the giant rat wheel they have there. Couldn’t make the thing stop spinning. Ohh…and I got to see snow for the first time…awesome but too cold for me!

I had a wonderful time while I was there. I hope someday I can visit again.” – Manuela De Souza


We had a wonderful time having you here as well Manuela!

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