Why Teach Overseas?

This is a big question. In today’s world of international education there are many options and opportunities for high quality teachers. Let me give you five reasons to teach overseas.

1. Broaden Your Vision on the World and Grow as a Person

Different chapters in our lives bring unique challenges. As I see it, stepping out of our own backyard teaches us about ourselves. It forces us to look at our own beliefs and learn to see the world through our own eyes – versus what we’ve heard through other sources. Many teachers are afraid to go overseas: however, it’s an opportunity to meet that challenge, rise, and go beyond it. Encountering the new is a brilliant opportunity to stand in your own power and create the life you choose to live. So why not teach English overseas?

2. Meet New People and Experience a Different Culture

I can’t begin to tell you how much I learned from my fellow faculty members and students. In India, I recall students teaching me about temple rituals and fellow teachers recommending a good book on Indian history. It was a perpetual learning experience. Staying for extended periods of time in any country allows us to become immersed in a new culture, study the local language, try new food, make life long friends and learn to understand other nationalities and their beliefs.

Teach and Travel the World

Teach and Travel the World

3. The Thrill of Traveling

Teaching overseas gave me the ultimate experience of being able to live and work in a different land. I did everything I could to resonate with the culture I was living in and discovered the land. Many schools have educational field trips and/or provide travel perks as part of your package. Plus, the breaks between semesters, or holidays give opportunities to take off and explore.

4. Gain International Experience for Your CV

In today’s world of globalization, employers place a lot of value on those who have had the courage to work abroad. It shows the ability to adapt to a new environment and that you’re not afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Additionally, it shows you’ve worked with people with different nationalities and backgrounds and you have a willingness to take on new challenges.

5. It’s a Great Job Market and You Can Earn an Income While You’re Abroad

English is the international language and countries are requiring their people to converse in many sectors: government, education, business and many others. From the corporate world to educational institutions, millions of people want to learn English.


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