Why I chose to join Greystone College Business and Technology – Toronto’s CELTA program

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David Ericeira left Brazil to join the CELTA program at Greystone College Business and Technology – Toronto, Canada. He says it was all worth it!


“Taking the CELTA Course at Greystone College was undoubtedly one of the best decisions that I have made in my life so far. Apart from having had a previous teaching experience back in Brazil, I have always had the impression that I could improve my skills as an ESL teacher and therefore get my students to learn in a more effective way. After a couple of months living in Canada, the opportunity of becoming a better professional has come up when I have been told that Greystone College was organizing the CELTA.


For obvious reasons, it didn’t take me so long to make up my mind as the course was exactly what I had been looking for: a recognized teaching training program that would offer me an utter preparation as an ESL teacher. And the results were far beyond my initial expectations! Taking the CELTA has given me the opportunity to learn the proper principles of teaching in a friendly environment with qualified tutors in addition to the great support offered by Greystone College. More importantly, it has enabled me to do what I love with more awareness, confidence and competence.


Having said that, I would like to add the CELTA has been definitely a turning point in my career and I strongly recommend to anyone – whether you are a Canadian or an “adventurer” like me – who loves English – culturally and professionally speaking – and is looking for a remarkable experience!” ~David Ericeira


We are very proud of your achievement, David!

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