My first business trip.

In my previous post, I wrote about the second part of my program, my internship. I would now like to share with you a bit more of my routine in the office. Since starting my internship a month ago, I have been working on several projects with different clients and departments. I’ve been observing my colleagues, listening to different points of view and strategies on how to build my own management style and professional profile. The best part is that I get along with everyone I work with!

This week, I learned more about the services MLI offers. I traveled with Student Co-ordinators from the Academic Year Program (A.Y.P.) department to Barrie, Ontario to visit schools. I was included on this trip to gather information about international students for a marketing project I am working on.

It was my first time in a high school in Canada and the most interesting experience so far. I saw the gymnasium, the wood working classroom, the trophies in the halls, the lockers (I loved the lockers!), and the library. It was just like what you see in the movies.

We started working on the agenda for this trip the week I started my internship. Our drive to Barrie started at 7:25 am. We started interviewing students the moment we arrived at the schools. I was with the Co-ordinator for Brazil, Carolina, and had the opportunity to meet Brazilian students. During the visit, I interviewed students for the project. It’s funny to hear someone else speak about exchange programs when I’m usually the one talking about my experience here. I realized each one of us has a very different point of view.

One of the students I interviewed was nervous in front of the camera and I tried to make him feel more comfortable. He is interested in finance and takes his future career seriously.  He has strong opinions and explained why he is in Canada. I was moved by his testimonial, he reminded me that you have to keep going and that the effort is worthwhile.

After that long, busy, day, we returned to Toronto and celebrated our colleague, Saori’s, birthday at a Thai restaurant. Carolina made Brazilian sweets called, Brigadeiros, for the occasion. At the restaurant, we talked more about our work and I used that opportunity to ask questions to help me better understand the company and the Brazilian market. It was such a productive and interesting day, I couldn’t be happier in this position. Listening to the students gave me the realization that I want to help other people’s dreams come true.


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