What I learned from Greystone College’s TESOL and TKT YL programs


When I first started I had one year of experience in the Ontario Teacher Certification program at University of Toronto, I still felt in disadvantage as an international student as most of my classmates already had teaching experience in Canada.

I took TESOL 130 in the Toronto campus and TKT-YL in the Vancouver campus. I was impressed with the feedback and support I received at Greystone College. The instructors had clear expectations and systematic assessment for students to know where they needed improvement. The instructors were skilled and experienced, and were a great resource to turn to for helpful and relevant practices.

Throughout the organized and structured classes, the instructors did not waste a single minute. Above all, the most intense and valuable learning experience was the practicum, when we put into practice all the material we learned in class in a real-life setting. The practicum would not have been possible without consistent and accumulative daily class schedule. I also liked the level of practicality of the class materials. Whereas some TESOL programs offer more theoretical knowledge of teaching, Greystone College is hands-on and offers opportunities for peer teaching.

What I love about Greystone College is their educational philosophy and how much they care for their students. I realized how important it is to have a safe and supportive learning community. I recommend students to consider the school’s ethics and educational philosophy when selecting a school. As educators, what is more important than learning skills is to have heart and compassion for our students. The values and beautiful mindset that instructors shared influenced my teaching philosophy. Sometimes educational institutions forget that international students may be homesick and vulnerable to cultural differences, Greystone College distinguish themselves for the empathy and compassion they show to their students.

Lastly, for an ESL teacher, it is very important to have connections. Along with its sister institution, ILSC, Greystone College has a number of affiliations and global connections. Greystone College offers so much more than academic programs. I would like to share this quote from one of my instructors, Good, better, best: never let them rest until the good is better and the better is best.” All the best!


– El

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