Alumni Stories – Lisa Schneider, TESOL TKT Certificate

I studied the TESOL TKT program at Greystone College Vancouver three years ago. It was a very nice time and I could learn a lot from my two teachers Lara and Csilla. During my time at Greystone I also made friends with the classmates and I am still in contact with some of them. After graduating I went back to Germany where I took up my studies at university and this is what I am still doing.


Greystone helped me a lot in my career. As I follow the Bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Education) in Germany to become a teacher I could learn some techniques how to teach students, especially in English. I could also apply it to my other subjects French and German. Moreover, the Greystone program helped me to practice and to consolidate my teaching knowledge. This is very good when I have practical trainings within the scope of my studies, and because of that I have more self-assurance.

My next future goal is to graduate and to do the Master’s degree after to finish completely the studies. But I have also planned to come back to Greystone to study the Young Learner’s program so that I can complete the TESOL diploma.

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