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Giving Back to the Community – a “Learn to Earn” Awareness Blog

Education is the key to greater opportunities that will allow one to earn a living and improve their quality of life. Those of you studying at Greystone College have probably come to Canada with the goal of becoming a better version of yourself in hopes of achieving new and greater opportunities to build a brighter

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Alumni Event Re-cap

On Wednesday Nov 22nd, Greystone College Vancouver hosted the annual alumni event. This year 2017, Greystone is celebrating its 15th birthday, so it was even more special to gather with our graduates. Those that could not join us in person were also able to be part of the celebration. All alumni had the opportunity to

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Ask a Tax Man

It’s tax time again in Canada! This means many of you will be doing taxes in Canada for the first time.  In my work at H&R Block I have assisted many new Canadians and temporary residents with their first Canadian tax returns.  For many new Canadian residents, you will receive some tax forms from your

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Michelle's time studying abroad with Greystone College

My time studying abroad in Vancouver with Greystone College

My time abroad with Greystone College My experience abroad as the Face of Greystone College is coming to an end. I have to say it has been a blast! It all started when one day, back in October 2014, I received an e-mail from ILSC, the school where I studied English in Canada that also