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Tips to help you prepare for studying at a college abroad

5 steps on how to prepare for studying at a college abroad

1) Plan ahead Finding a college with the right fit requires more than simple research, time and effort, but it will be worth it. Think about what you like and the fields in which you want to work and make a list with all the options that offer what you are looking for. Maybe you

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Remembrance Day in Canada

What is Remembrance Day? Have you seen anyone wearing an artificial poppy in October or November? The red poppy is the symbol of the memory of those who have died in military interventions. In addition to that, some people choose to wear white poppies to campaign for non-military interventions in conflict situations. On the 11th

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customer service co-op program

Customer Service Co-op Program: Student’s Journal Part 6

During the second week of studying “Working effectively with others”, life in Vancouver is not slow any more. We learned how to encourage our team this week. We also learned about how rumours spread and we discussed how to solve problems caused by cultural differences.

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Faculty Feature │ Sophie Kim – Interpreting and Translation (Korean) program

Sophie Kim is an instructor in Greystone College’s Interpreting and Translation (Korean) program. Sophie was born in Korea but has spent her childhood in several countries including England, Thailand and Canada. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at UBC. After graduation, Sophie started working as an ESL instructor in Vancouver, which led her to

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Michelle's time studying abroad with Greystone College

My time studying abroad in Vancouver with Greystone College

My time abroad with Greystone College My experience abroad as the Face of Greystone College is coming to an end. I have to say it has been a blast! It all started when one day, back in October 2014, I received an e-mail from ILSC, the school where I studied English in Canada that also