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Industry leading employers select qualified Greystone students at career fair

Industry leading employers select qualified Greystone students at career fair

2016 Greystone College Career Fair was held at Downtown Vancouver Campus Contributed by Sarah Pollard, Coop program advisor at Greystone College Vancouver   Imagine having to meet your future employers under one roof in the convenience of your familiar campus surroundings. October 28th was the day the Greystone campus transformed into an exhibition hall for

Faculty Feature │ Sophie Kim – Interpreting and Translation (Korean) program

Sophie Kim is an instructor in Greystone College’s Interpreting and Translation (Korean) program. Sophie was born in Korea but has spent her childhood in several countries including England, Thailand and Canada. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at UBC. After graduation, Sophie started working as an ESL instructor in Vancouver, which led her to

A Friend in Need – Toiletry Project

On October 14th, Greystone College had the honor of having Jorge, one of the founders of the Toiletry Project, over to speak to our student population about their charitable work in Downtown Eastside. The toiletry project is consisted of a group of volunteers who have come together to create and deliver bags with hygienic items

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The Importance of Soft Skills

Andrew Woods has an impressive background. As a corporate trainer, he has provided workshops and speeches for companies from Starbucks to Guinness, from IBM to Ford. He is in demand throughout the world. So how does he give consistently useful and relevant advice when his audiences are so varied? It’s simple: he focuses on soft skills.

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Hot Tips for College Students and Recent Graduates

Greystone College recently had the pleasure of welcoming speaker Thomas Stringham. As the founder, president and creative director of Hot Tomali, an award winning advertising company, the co-founder of Cheddar Labs, an online community for retail sales associates as well as the co-founder and CEO of Clientis Technologies Inc.